iTrack GPS Asset Tracking, Fleet Management and Personnel Safety Solution

iTrack was developed by Abridge to deploy a scalable solution in Australia to make the most of the latest GPS tracking devices to keep in contact and locate people, vehicle and assets anytime, anywhere, + the simple and intuitive user interface design that has made iTrack123 so popular with its customers.

With the award winning (as voted by InCar) solution in hand, Abridge is proud to be associated with iTrack in its claims to reduce fleet asset overheads, increase operational efficiency, improve customer service and secure assets from theft.

iTrack is modular in design to allow various job dispatch management and fleet leasing modules to be deployed as required.  With or without GPS, these modules are able to stand on their own in addressing those specific requirements.

Abridge is happy to discuss deploying similar solutions to international (outside Australia, New Zealand) distributors/operators interested in GPS tracking.  Abridge is able to provide the complete solution inclusive of training and system maintenance to the Operator, thereby allowing the Operator to focus on sales and marketing as their core business.