Abridge is the enabler for Small/Medium Enterprises (SME), focused on providing cost effective solutions to clients.

In today's volatile business environment, technology can sharpen a company's competitive edge by increasing employee efficiency and reducing operating costs. But technology by itself cannot work miracles. Only by aligning technology investments with business goals can SMEs hope to use IT as an effective enabler to business success.

These days, SMEs are spoilt for choice with the variety of solutions at different price ranges to choose from. It is often tempting to purchase cheaper alternatives when selecting a solution for the immediate relief of business problems. The downside of such a short term approach is that companies end up spending more than what is necessary in terms of implementation and maintenance. SMEs will find that this patchwork approach will not afford them the scalability to grow their business, when IT investments are not aligned with business goals.

Abridge can provide the strategic direction and assist such companies move in the right direction.

The sectors below help identify the areas which Abridge has entered into and successfully implemented such solutions for SMEs.