Assess, Design, Develop, Deploy, Deliver ... Focused on time, and on budget.

The above are big words, especially in the IT industry but for us at Abridge, good processes and methodologies are the equivalent of proper builders designs and planning which are necessary to explain the concept and schedule to the customer.

  • Abridge undertakes to ascertain and assess all client requirements and work through their expectations of the system prior to any development work.

  • From requirements, we draft up design specifications and mockups to ensure that the clients "see" what they are getting and understand how the system should work.

  • On agreement from both parties, Abridge shall then undertake the development and deployment of the system for the client.

  • On completion and handover another process is activated to ensure that the solution delivered shall be managed and supported properly, with appropriate staff/end user training to ensure acceptance and use.

Depending upon the complexity of such solutions (just like the complexity of a buliding for a homeowner), other processes may be added in there to ensure nothing is left uncovered.

Domain Management